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Basic Zumba Steps For Beginners

There are a multitude of different exercise programs available for all types of people. Some choose to workout at home or outdoors, while others like to get a sweat going in the gym. Using dance as a means to exercise is a fairly new concept, but one that will be easy once a person learns the basic Zumba steps.

Although Zumba sounds bizarre it is actually a very simple type of interval training. This type of training involves periods of hard exercise mixed with periods of lower intensity exercises. This type of workout is one of the best ways to burn calories.

The classes generally use Latin inspired music and are led by an instructor whose job it is to keep the class moving. The steps are simple enough for nearly anyone to try, which is why it is so popular. The level of intensity can also be adjusted to suit the person and their body type.

One of the main dance styles used in this type of training is Salsa. Salsa begins with the feet together and is done to a count of four. The person should then step to the side with their right foot which counts as steps one and two and move it back to complete the three and four. This is repeated with the left foot. Many people like to bend their knees and let their hips sway to add style and more exercise to the routine.

The Merengue is another popular dance that is used. This is one of the easiest moves because it simply involves marching in place. Keeping the feet about three or four inches apart the person should then bring their knees as high as possible. The higher the knees the more the person is working out, so they should try to march as high and fast as possible for maximum results.

Another easy move to learn is the Cumbia. This involves taking one big step forward and then back while rotating the other foot with each step. Then the person should take a step to the side, front, and back while continuing to rotate in a circle. This should be done with both legs.

The basic Zumba steps are easy for anyone to learn, so people should not be afraid to try it out. These types of classes are a good way to stay motivated and have fun while exercising. When people are designing a workout program it is definitely something to consider.

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